Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The End

So basically, since like no one is reading these, I wanted to do it until it stopped being fun. I tried to experiment a bit, but there's only so much you can do with some of these movies.  In the end I was reviewing movies that, though I tried to say some nice things, didn't seem all that great, and I'm sure it bled through into the reviews that I wasn't having that much fun. I never wanted this to be a chore; Noir should never be a chore. That may sound like I'm blaming the movies, but the fault is mostly with me; I went from not really knowing what I was doing to formulaic, and when I tried to experiment it didn't really work.  So I think "The Glass Key" is a good note to go out on.  We'll chalk this one down to a kid wanting to express his love for a genre, and let it become an artifact of our critically saturated digital age; my only hope is that it was interesting to some people, somewhere.

I'll leave my top picks here, in the hope that this project can be useful to someone. Most of them are not very obscure but oh well.
-The Killing (see this if you haven't, its awesome)
-The Sweet Smell of Success
-The Big Combo
-The Glass Key

I might update again, but for now it definitely won't be a regular thing.  Shoutout to anyone who read this (theoretically at least a couple of my friends are, you guys rock).  Later!

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